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We realize your claims - worldwide!


Quick and efficient service


High success rate in Germany and abroad


With no contractual commitment, with no cost risk


Legal dunning

If your debtor fails to meet his obligations, we will enforce your claim in court and institute foreclosure.


Dept collection worldwide

With numerous global debt collection partnerships in 72 countries, debt management abroad is one of our core competencies.


Titular claims

We can collect your titled claims on special terms, or offer them for sale through our international debt exchange worldwide.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Your customers from abroad do not pay their bills regularly?
You frequently have to deal with payment default?
A given loan has not yet been repaid?
You constantly spend precious time on the phone chasing up your money?
There is no response to your repeated reminders?

If this is the case, it is time to hand over your claim to a professional debt collection company. You can then use your valuable time effectively for the important tasks in your core business and no longer have the trouble of having to deal with your debtor. Receive your outstanding debt now and rely on the tact of our competent staff.

What we can do for you

In addition to the extrajudicial collection of receivables, our main areas of activity include the judicial dunning procedure and, as a last resort, foreclosure. Our personal service is aimed at medium-sized companies from all industries who need support in collecting their outstanding claims.

As your personal contact partner, we will first work with you to determine the strategy with which we can most effectively approach your debtor. For example, we clarify whether we should adopt a more cooperative or friendly-but-firm manner towards the debtor. As things progress, we keep you up to date on the current situation and the development of your case.

Stop running after your money!

25% of all creditors simply give up their foreign claims25%
60% of those affected seek advice from expensive lawyers60%
Only 15% turn to a debt collection agency specialising in foreign countries15%
worldwide realization rate

in the last 10 years speaks for itself.
You too can trust Atlas Inkasso.

Dept collection international

In addition to debt recovery in Germany, our main focus is on foreign collection. Through years of experience in the collection industry, our competent team of specially trained employees is able to collect your claims successfully abroad.

Our core areas in other European countries include England, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey. However, we are also well networked beyond Europe and are your point of contact when it comes to realising your demands.


No matter if Iran, Russia, China or Brazil – at Atlas Inkasso no claim is lost! Do you currently have a case where you do not know what to do next? Then send us an inquiry or call us direct. With our above-average recovery rate, we will are certain to find the right way for you to obtain your money.

Your benefits at a glance

No cost risk – no collection, no fee
Relief from complicated debtor contacts that cost valuable working time and frayed nerves
Fast and effective recovery of claims by competent debt collection experts
High flexibility without long-term contractual commitment
Greater opportunity to realise your claim due to our legal expertise
Increased liquidity and improved creditworthiness through professional receivables management
Simple and direct contact with the claim processor
No membership fees or other financial obligations

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We ensure clarity and fairness. Entrust your debt collection order to us today.

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