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International debt collection

Every country has different payment practices and it is often not easy to collect foreign claims. Above all, legal and intercultural reasons can make communication with the debtor more difficult. At Atlas Inkasso, we have years of debt collection experience in every country in the world, making us foreign debt collection experts.

In addition to detailed consultation, we check  the chances of success for your open foreign claims in advance and – if necessary – engage our local experts to quickly realise your claim. We mediate between you and your customer by approaching him in his native language and mentality. As a result, we increase the chances of success enormously and in most cases avoid a time-consuming and cost-intensive process.

Preliminary debt collection

The realisation of your claim through fast and professional handling minimises the risk of default risk through insolvency and at the same time increases the liquidity in your own company without additional costs. Professional receivables management optimises your scope for negotiation with banks and thus enables investment in your own company.

With a great deal of tact, we mediate between you and your debtor. We work unbureaucratically and quickly on your case, drawing on our proven systematic way of working.


Information and research

In order for you obtain an exact overview of the economic circumstances of your customers and business partners in advance, we collect credit information and audits for you. Among other things, we rely on the services of our long-standing partners SCHUFA, Creditsafe and D&B.

With a credit check, your customers’ solvency can be checked professionally before it is too late. Make the check now and contact us.


Often, the only thing remaining as a last resort is foreclosure in order to enforce your outstanding claims. In this case, a bailiff is instructed to seize the financial assets or goods of your debtor where there is an enforcement order. As a legal representative, we can use your right of attendance and protect your interests during the execution. If there is property in the form of land or real estate, we can secure your claims with an in the land register.


Detailed reporting

Our experience has shown that perseverance and permanent monitoring pay off in the long run. We therefore remain persistent – even if your debtor tries to evade the court-confirmed claim. Success-oriented commissioning assures you minimum cost risk here, too. In our password-protected customer area, you can view the current status of your cases online and free of charge.

Debt collection without cost risk

You have outstanding claims but do not wish to continue paying costly lawyers’ fees for? No problem – because with Atlas Inkasso you only pay in the case of success and therefore have no cost risk.